FCRA Forms

Client Setup for Employment Screening:

Employer forms that Applicant/Employee must sign:

DOT Compliant Forms Employee must sign:

Client Setup for Tenant Screening:

Client Setup for E-Verify and eForm I-9:

Credit Reporting Setup Forms:

Other Forms and Documents of Use:

Adverse Action Assistance Sample Forms:

Import Template

CBSS Batch Order Import Template (Please email us directly at info@resultslogin.com to obtain your client specific Import Template). We’ll customize your template and email to you for completion. Once Template is complete you can upload via the Batch Order option or email back to us and we’ll upload for you. CBSS Batch Order Import Template should be saved as a  .CSV (Comma delimited) file before uploading.

CBSS Client Reference Manual

Submitting Forms

If Required: Fax Forms to 1-800-403-9044 or 337-376-5259. You can also email required forms directly to our Compliance Department at compliance@2cbss.com. We will process and save electronically with that applicants background report for future reference or auditing.